John Kristoff

Adjunct Faculty // Telecommunication & Networking, Networking, Security
College of Computing and Digital Media
John Kristoff

Bio and Research Information

John Kristoff joined the CTI faculty in the Fall of 1999. He is currently holds the position of network architect with DePaul University and manages the Internet Operations Research Center (IORC). He has been a researcher with Team Cymru, an Internet security research group. He also spent a couple of years with UltraDNS (now part of Neustar) involved in various special projects related to DNS and security. He was a network engineer in the Northwestern University Information Technology organization, focusing on networking and security operations. In addition to teaching, John is also actively involved in his own education, most recently seeking placement to continue his academic career and obtain his Ph.D. John is active in a variety of network and security organizations including the IETF, NANOG, ops-trust, FIRST and nsp-security.

Research Area

Telecommunication & Networking, Networking, Security

Specific Research Area

TCP/IP protocols, end-to-end issues, information security, measurement, routing and naming.

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