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The BA in Animation emphasizes animation principles and animation production within a broad Liberal Arts context. The student in the Animation BA will be able to draw creatively innovative connections between animation and other subjects of inspiration. This program emphasizes the art of animation, creativity, and critical thinking. Students are introduced to the foundation skills of animating, and then take the production sequence, in which they are expected to bring a broad intellectual and creative viewpoint, influenced by their Liberal Studies courses and electives, to their work. Students can experiment with the latest in animation software, tools, and technologies including 3D, stop motion, hand drawn, motion capture, motion control, and green screen studios. This is an extremely flexible degree with an emphasis on interdisciplinary learning and self-directed exploration.


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LA Quarter Want to uncover the secret to breaking into the film and television industry? Find out by participating in DePaul's LA Quarter. This ten-week immersion program enables you to live in Los Angeles, take classes on a historic studio lot, and intern at high-profile companies that align with your professional goals. Learn More

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DePaul has one of the largest full-time Animation faculties in the country. Our instructors come from diverse backgrounds in animation, commercial production, game development, motion graphics, CGI, and art exhibition. They have worked at major animation and game studios including: Fox TV, Fox Kids, JibJab, Will Vinton, Sesame Street, NBC Studios, Nickelodeon, Calabash, Rough Draft, WMS, RoboModo, Wideload, and Day 1, and have exhibited internationally at galleries and film festivals.

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