Research at the School of Design

Neighborhood Crime Prevention Sign

Dr. Sheena Erete and her graduate students in the Technology for Social Good Research and Design Lab are partnering with Cure Violence to design and develop of a mobile application that uses predictive analytic techniques to provide violence interruption workers with the most effective intervention strategies based on data from over a decade of prior interventions. 

2 young ladies looking at analytical data on a tablet in a classroom.

21st Century Learning Analytics, a project of the Technology for Social Good Research and Design Lab, brings together design, data mining, and learning analytics to create new tools for educators understand and visualize data. 

Highlighted Projects

3 young girls interacting with a mobile device

Designers, researchers, and practitioners working with the Digital Youth Network created the Digital Youth Divas, a program designed to increase the participation of middle school girls in STEM fields.

Meeting between residents and local goverment officials and law enforcement.

Dr. Sheena Erete and her graduate students in the Technology for Social Good Research and Design Lab are working with underserved Chicago communities to understand how they use technology to engage local government officials and law enforcement in decision-making. Her research will lead to the design and development of technologies to support community engagement in local governance.

artist explore with digital and analog media.

Professor Heather Quinn examines methodologies across design curriculum and industry. Her research connects digital and analog approaches to our ability to experiment, create authentic works, and possibly even work more effectively.

Creative Areas

Shiro Akiyoshi

Digital imaging, illustration, and montage, combining digital and traditional Japanese image making processes.

Anna Anthropy

Digital and tabletop game design, accessible game creation, play and the feminine, interactive fiction, game history, zine-making, witchcraft.

Sheena Erete

Social computing, community informatics, designing technologies for local communities to address social issues, facilitate civic engagement, and encourage prosocial behavior.

Jay Margalus

Game development, hardware, data analysis.

Nathan Matteson

Design, interactive media.

Daniel Mittleman

Collaborative technologies, interactive media, information systems.

Denise Nacu

Design of technology tools, learning, design thinking, data dashboards and visualizations, online social learning networks, learning analytics, design patterns, experience design.

Nichole Pinkard

Learning analytics, learning ecosystems, broadening participation, computational making.

Heather Quinn

Color theory, nature and natural systems, modern art and design, textile design and patterns, printmaking, letterpress, typography, hand drawn letters, visual trends, vintage books, paper, drawing, sketchbooks, design theory, and process.

B. Rich

Transmedia storytelling, game design, virtual reality, augmented reality, filmmaking, photography.

Doris C. Rusch

Game design, social impact games, experience design, play, mental health activism.

Brian Schrank

Game design, virtual reality, augmented reality, physical games, folk games, art games, games and the avant-garde, serious games, political games, experimental games, indie games, game criticism.

Bobby Schweizer

Game development, design, interactive media.

Adam Trowbridge

Information experience design, information architecture, usability, augmented reality, usable security, secure design, creative code, programming.

Allen Turner

Interactive fiction, exploring culture and metaphor with play.

LeAnne Wagner

Design, education, game development.

Jessica Westbrook

Design, graphics, emerging media, creative coding, photography/imaging.

Dolores Wilber

Design, education.

Lee Zelenak

Graphics, animation, design, branding, typography.