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Data Science for Business

DePaul University's Data Science for Business Program covers data science and Big Data principles and techniques. The program provides a broad overview of many concepts, techniques, and algorithms in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), data analysis, R language, Recommender systems, cloud computing, and data visualization for the business.

The program is suitable for IT professionals and business decision-makers who will be working with data scientists, managing data science-oriented projects, or investing in data science ventures. Experience with Windows and business software applications is assumed. Programming and a background in statistics is helpful, but not required. In addition, students are required to bring their own laptop computers to class.

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Course Credit

The Data Science for Business Program is an accredited course of DePaul University, which follows the quarter system (as opposed to the semester system).
Course #: IPD 346; 4 credit hours

The credit hours are awarded to those who successfully complete the program's academic requirements.