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​​Java Developer

DePaul University's Java Developer Program is designed to provide programmers with an intensive and comprehensive introduction to component software development using the Java language. The program focuses on Java as a general purpose, cross-platform applications language. It also covers ancillary interfaces for the development of distributed systems and graphical user interfaces.

The Java Developer Program is intended for individuals with a solid programming background, but no knowledge of Java is assumed. Participants are expected to do a considerable amount of work outside of class. Instructors will be available in person and through electronic mail.

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Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are credit-bearing courses of DePaul. Individuals who enroll in the programs become non-degree-seeking students of the university, and enjoy all the rights, privileges and responsibilities afforded to such students.​​


Certificate programs are offered on the university's quarterly schedule, with a new session beginning each fall, winter and spring. Classes are offered on evenings and weekends and can be taken on-campus or online.

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