Externship Alumni FAQ

Externship FAQ for Alumni

What is the commitment for the externship program?

The actual shadowing experience is just for one day which is arranged for the student at a mutually convenient time. You may have some phone or email interaction with the student prior to the experience to arrange a time and provide directions to your work location.

Will I select the student for this experience?

Yes. You will receive applications of the students interested in your shadowing experience. You will then select the student you would like to host.

Can I host more that one student?

Sure. However you are not obligated to host more than one student. You may find it easiest to meet with one student at at time or invite 2-3 students for one day.

What if the student and I cannot find a convenient time to meet in April?

While we would like all the externships to take place in April, we understand circumstances do arise. Externships can take place beyond April when needed.

What information will be posted in the externships listing?

The information you will provide will be used to create the externship profile. Your personal information will be kept confidential, only the anonymous description of the externship will be posted online and students will be able to browse the opportunities and select the one(s) closer to their career field of interest.