Internship Courses

Internship Courses


Learn about your opportunities for internship courses as an undergraduate, graduate and international student here:

Undergraduate Student Credit

Undergraduate CDM students have the option of earning more internship credit by taking CSC 398 for major elective credit. Students can earn up to 8 credit hours of CSC 398 credit that can apply as major elective credit in CDM.

All undergraduates at DePaul must acquire some academic credit in experiential learning as part of their General Education Requirement. This requirement can be fulfilled by doing community service, studying abroad or doing research. Another way to fulfill the requirement is with an internship course.

UG Internship Course CSC 298

The CSC 298 Undergraduate Internship course allows students to receive college credit for working in an allied field of computer science while satisfying the Liberal Studies’ Junior Year Experiential Learning requirement. To be enrolled in this course, you must currently have a job that somehow involves computers.

Acceptable positions include, but are not limited to:

  • Computer programmer
  • Computer help desk
  • Computer tutoring
  • Web page design and creation
  • Database design and entry.

How To Apply To CSC 298?

  1. Download, complete, and return the CSC 298 Internship Application Form . The form should be returned to the 4th floor of the CDM building to the attention of instructor who is teaching the course.
  2. Once the completed form is received and approved, CDM will register you for the class, assuming the class has not yet closed due to maximum enrollment.
  3. If admitted into the class, you will receive an e-mail (usually within 24-48 hours after application) indicating your acceptance.

How To Receive Credit For CSC 298?

  1. Work at least 10 hours per week for 10 weeks at your job, while the class is in session.
  2. Attend class. Class will be held every other week during the quarter, starting with the first week of classes.
  3. Complete all assigned readings.
  4. Complete all assignments (in-class and out-of-class) and you must participate during class discussions. Assignments might include maintaining a weekly log, writing short, weekly reports, and a final paper due at the end of the quarter.

If you need any assistance in finding a job, preparing a resume, or practicing interviewing, the DePaul Career Center offers numerous workshops on these topics and more during each quarter.

Please contact DePaul Career Center:

DePaul Center 9500
(312) 362-8437

Lincoln Park
SAC 192
(773) 325-7431

UG Internship Course CSC 398

The CSC 398 Undergraduate Internship Course allows students to receive college credit for working in an allied field of computer science. The CSC 398 Internship Course DOES NOT satisfy the Junior Year Experiential Learning requirement set forth by Liberal Studies. The internship is only available to students with junior or senior standing and with a grade point of at least 2.0.

This course is offered for variable credit. A student may elect between 1 and 8 hours of credit per quarter, based on hours worked per week (1 credit = 4 hours worked per week). While this course can be taken multiple times, you may receive no more than 8 credits total. Students may take this course as a Pass/Fail or receive a letter grade. If you elect Pass/Fail, you cannot count CSC 398 as a CSC 300 level elective. If you elect to receive a letter grade (A-F) you may count CSC 398 as a CS 300 level elective, but you must complete a multiple-page essay by the end of the quarter.

How To Apply To CSC 398?

  1. Submit the on-line application to take this class. Space in the class will be given to students who submit applications first. Don't stop here, go to step 2.
  2. Download the Instructions and Form for the Internship Site Agreement .
  3. Find an internship position. See a partial list of opportunities at our Internship Opportunities page. Apply, interview, and secure a position that will occur during the quarter for which you are seeking credit. Job and internship opportunities are listed at the front desk in the Career Center. All positions must be related to CDM undergraduate curriculum.
  4. Have the supervisor at the work site fill out and sign the Internship Site Agreement. It is important that the number of credit hours be filled in by the student. Bring the completed Internship Site Agreement to the CDM office, 243 S. Wabash and drop it off at the front desk for the Internship Faculty Advisor by the deadline prior to each quarter. (The deadline for applying for CSC 398 Internship is the same as the deadline for adding a course - typically the end of the first week of classes.)
  5. Check your e-mail account for confirmation that your internship has been approved. Once an e-mail confirming that your internship has been approved is generated, you will be enrolled in the internship course within 24-48 hours. Contact Student Accounts to pay for the tuition for the course by the tuition due date for the quarter, or within 24 hours of the e-mail, if the tuition due date has passed.

Graduate Student Credit

Graduate CDM students have the option of earning up to 4 credit hours of internship credit through CSC 697 that can apply as elective in their master's degree requirements.

Graduate Internship Course CSC 697

The Graduate Internship Course CSC 697, qualifies as Curricular Practical Training for international students in the graduate program. In this course, students can earn open elective credit towards their Master's degree at CDM by working in a degree-related position.

Only fully admitted graduate students in the College of CDM are eligible for this course. The course will be worth 1, 2, 3 or a maximum of 4 credit hours depending on the amount of work hours per week. A student may take this class for a maximum of four credit hours to apply towards their degree.

How To Sign Up For CSC 697?

  1. Secure a degree-related position in a Chicago-area company. You will need to obtain a letter from the prospective employer, on company letterhead, stating the position, start date, and job responsibilities and hours per week.
  2. Meet with a CDM graduate advisor; you will be required to present the letter from your prospective employer at this meeting. The student services staff will coordinate the registration for the course (CSC 697) with the faculty advisor for the course.
  3. Pay for the class as usual through Student Accounts.

Information For International Students

International students in the graduate program who wish to take CSC 697 must first attend one of the Curricular Practical Training information sessions offered by the International Student Office (ISO). Following attendance at one of these sessions, you will need to make a follow-up appointment with an ISO staff member to apply for curricular practical training employment authorization.

Please note that you are required by law to obtain this authorization before you begin your employment. Questions? For more information e-mail CDM Advising.