Microsoft Software

Microsoft Software

Attention: Due to licensing restrictions, access is granted only to students enrolled in at least one for-credit CDM course. Access begins on the first day of each quarter and ends on the last day of the quarter. There are no extensions or keys given after the last day of the quarter, so plan accordingly.

The MSDN Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) is a special program to provide academic institutions, faculty, and students with leading-edge tools for students. The link to the software is below, please read and understand the rules of this software before downloading.

What software is included?

  • Microsoft Operating Systems, SDKs and DDKs
    Includes all the latest releases, including Windows 10 and Windows 2016
  • Microsoft Server Platforms
    Including Windows Server, Exchange Server, Commerce Server, SQL Server, Systems Management Server, Application Center, BizTalk Server, and Host Integration Server.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio®
    Visual Studio 2017
  • Microsoft Visio
    Visio, the premiere Microsoft diagramming application for technical schematics, network, software, and database design.

Who is qualified to get this free software?

  • The software that is part of this license is restricted to instructional use and/or non-commercial research use ONLY.
  • Students must be taking at least one for-credit course within CDM in order to be able to download and install software under this license.
  • Students can only access this resource for that quarter. Once the quarter is over so is the access.
  • Students and faculty who leave the College are able to continue to use software from this license that was loaded on their machines PRIOR to their departure from the College.
  • This software may only be used for purposes specified by the MSDNAA EULA.
  • Software distribution to faculty and students is done through the electronic license management system (ELMS) maintained by E-Academy.

How do I get the software?

The link to the software management system is below, note the steps to get the software

  1. Go to the MSDNAA website
  2. Select " Login"and use your Campus Connect account.
  4. If there is an error or problem with MSDNAA contact
  • When reporting problems please Include a screenshot whenever possible or copy and paste whatever error message you are receiving. Please include your student ID number whenever contacting MSDNAA or LabSupport.
  • You can attempt to download this software twice. After two unsuccessful tries, you will have to request additional installs via the Support Wizard.
  • The cd-key / product serial number is included in the Purchase Confirmation email you receive and the packing slip webpage that displays after you begin the download.
  • This key is only good for one installation.