Online Learning Policy

Online Learning Policy

A Note To Undergraduate Students

Online Learning courses take a great deal of self-discipline and time-management skills.  Historically, undergraduate students registering for Online Learning courses fail and withdraw at higher rates than their peers in traditional sections. While CDM policy does not prohibit undergraduate students from taking a limited number of online courses, we strongly encourage you to carefully consider your reasons for registering for the Online Learning section. If you have questions about whether or not Online Learning is appropriate for you, please contact your advisor as soon as possible.

Online Learning Resources

For general questions about Course OnLine:
View the Course OnLine Documentation

For questions about CDM's Online Learning course management system COLWeb: 
View the COLWeb Documentation for Students
View the COLWeb Documentation for Faculty

For detailed questions about exam scheduling:
View the COL Documentation for Exams
or contact the OL Staff.

For information about enrollment and drop dates, holidays, etc.:
View the DePaul Academic Calendar   

For details about CDM's Tutoring Services:
View the Tutoring Program page