SoC Peer Mentoring

SoC Undergraduate Peer Mentoring

DePaul's CDM Mentoring Project uses innovative methods that foster and support active involvement such as mentoring and learning communities.

Mentor Requirements

Mentors are junior and senior students who have been successful in their program of studies. Mentors should have strong communication and social skills. The mentor is like a coach, provides assistance in academic-related issues, and in personal matters. Mentors are NOT tutors and are NOT academic advisors, They are students who are willing to dedicate their spare time to help younger students go through their first year at college. Mentors should have strong communication and social skills, and have excelled in their program of study. Mentors should serve as role models, and be able to offer helpful advice on many aspects of the academic life including: curriculum planning, study practices, career advice, university services, and university life. Mentors will be requested to participate to a training session before they are assigned a mentee. 

Mentor Application
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Mentors and mentees should contact each other regularly, at least twice a month. Mentor and mentee can contact each other through email, phone or in person. During the first few months, students are strongly encouraged to meet in person to facilitate the establishment of a new mentoring relationship. 

There will be social events organized by the coordinators during the academic year. Students in the mentoring program are strongly encouraged to participate to these events.