Career Pathways

Career Pathways

There are many career options with a degree in Computer Game Development both in and out of the game industry. The most common career pathways are listed below.

Game Technology

Engine and Tools development. Master the complex field of interactive gaming technology, where you’ll use software engineering, computer graphics, and real-time systems to create compelling games.

Game Domains

Advance in your career with deeper knowledge of animation, artificial intelligence, physics, networking, mobile and systems engine development.

Non-Game Related Industries

Exploit the highly specialized skills of game development in other industries  such as architecture, medicine, and law ( which use interactive real-time simulations).

Optimization Experience

Many fields now seek experts in software optimization, such as real-time computer systems for electronic trading, defense work, and mobile development technology.

Computer Science / Software Engineering

The master's of Game Development teaches applied computer science and software engineering practices with additional focus on the real-time interactive systems. Many students excel in non-game related fields that require this type of traditional background based on their hands on experience of applying theory into practice.