Women at CTI

DePaul CDM - A Welcoming Environment for Women

DePaul CDM is a dynamic and supportive community of scholars and practictioners in all areas of technology. And women are a key part of our community's success. Women students comprise 25 % of CDM's student body . Student and faculty-led organizations and support groups such as HerCDM and ACM-W build support, mentorship and camaraderie among female computer science students at DePaul.

This page includes valuable information on CDM student organizations, national groups and scholarship opportunites for female IT students. 

Check back regularly for profiles on women students and faculty at CDM, and news on HerCDM and ACM-W events and programs.

For more information on opportunities for female students at DePaul, contact faculty advisors Lucia Dettori or Daniela Raicu .

Organizations for Women at CDM

HerCDM: HerCDM is an opportunity for women enrolled in CDM courses to build community through special events and programs.

If you are a female student in introductory courses at CDM, HerCDM weekly meetings will give you opportunities to collaborate on work for your classes, chat, vent, network and (most importantly) eat free food!

You'll also interact with a few women who have successfully progressed  through programs and who are willing to share their experiences and resources with you. Contact Lucia Dettori or GianMario Besana for more information, and check the left-hand side of the page for more information on HerCDM events.

DePaul ACM-W:  DePaul ACM-W is a women’s chapter of ACM at DePaul CDM. The DePaul chapter of ACM-W initiates and promotes opportunities for women in computer science that lead to academic success, career growth and personal enrichment. 

This student-led organization develops and sponsors programs of special interest to women associated with the DePaul University community. It also provides a supportive culture for the exchange of ideas, networking, and socializing. Membership for the CDM chapter is free, individual ACM student membership is optional.

National Women's Organizations of Note

These national organizations provide valuable information on research, mentorship and professional development. Links to other women'sorganizations are listed by the Ada Project, a clearinghouse for information and resources related to women in computing.

For more information, contact Daniela Raicu .

Financial Resources for Women Students

The following organizations and corporations provide fellowships, scholarships and other forms of financial assistance to women students and researchers in technology: