John Klein

Adjunct Faculty // Cinematography, Cinema Production, Directing
College of Computing and Digital Media
John Klein

Bio and Research Information

JOHN KLEIN is a producer, director, and cinematographer. He has shot projects of all shapes, sizes, and budgets; whether it's short films like the neo-noir "Fate Accompli" or feature films such as the character-driven "NightLights," or whether it's traveling around the globe for the Bangladesh documentary "Strong Bodies Fight," or lensing the HBO GO web series "Single Long" in his hometown of Chicago, he's always eager to collaborate and tell unique stories in a visually dynamic style. John is also the executive producer of Glass City Films, a Midwest-based production company through which he has overseen as producer and directed several short and feature films, including the award-winning post-apocalyptic thriller "Chrysalis," which raised over $35,000 via Kickstarter in the summer of 2012 and has garnered awards and accolades at dozens of festivals as well as domestic distribution through Barnholtz Entertainment (as "Battle Apocalypse") and international distribution through Artist View Entertainment.

Research Area

Cinematography, Cinema Production, Directing

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