Thomas Muscarello

Adjunct Faculty // Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics, Information Technology Management
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Thomas Muscarello

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Dr. Muscarello is RETIRED as an Associate Professor in DePaul's College of Computing and Digital Media. He has held appointments in both SOC and CIM. He specializes in the areas of computational biology, media distribution, business development, technology infrastructure management, data mining, and Business Intelligence. He is currently lecturing part time in CDM SOC, is the CTO of Standard of Trust Group, Chief Strategist of Make It Happen Now a creative & marketing strategy consortium, Executive Director of the Lake County Tech Hub a business incubator opening soon as part of the Greater Waukegan Development Coalition, and part owner of the San Diego Flash FC & San Diego Sports Marketing, Inc. PAST CDM and OTHER EXPERIENCE Tom spent 4 years working in the University Presidents Office as Director of External Research and Programs creating and funding special technology development projects, building strategic relationships with business and government, and positioning CTI as a vital force in the economic and social fabric of the city and state. He was also the founder and served as Executive Director, of DeTech (the DePaul Technology Business Incubator.) He was a charter member of the Chicago Mayor's Council of Technology Advisors. As a Council member he worked with educational, business, and industry leaders on assessing technology business needs and issues and crafting solutions, Tom has an extensive history in health care policy management, criminal investigations, and business development in the Corporate and startup world, and as an academic researcher. He is adept at using both sides of his brain. He has worked on digital compression technology and techniques and fractal image generation and analysis in the Electronic Visualization Lab at UIC, created and delivered the rollout system training of end users on the initial UIUC NCSA supercomputer visualization systems, created the interactive online training for the DOD J-8 Arsenal Exchange Management simulation program, way back in the SDI era, and developed visualization architectures, and techniques for use in medical informatics. He also spent time as a freelance writer and editor (of words) in the distant past. His digital artwork “weasels rip my flesh” (inspired by a true master of the surreal) was a surprise popular hit on a European online arts poll a number of years back. Tom has also assisted and currently assists startup companies in getting launched as a technical, content, and business advisor. RESEARCH AREAS Technology Transfer and Commercialization, High Performance and Scientific Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Biology, Digital Media Distribution, Data Mining and Business Intelligence CURRENTLY TEACHING CSC394/IS376 Senior Capstone CSC298 Internship

Research Area

Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics, Information Technology Management

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Machine Learning Neural Networks Machine Learning Computational Biology Digital Media Distribution Data Mining and Business Intelligence Technology Transfer and Commercialization

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