Careers in Computing and Digital Media (CDM)

DePaul’s College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM) is one of the largest colleges of its kind in the country with 19 graduate degrees, nine of which can be completed online.  We offer degree programs in exciting fields that range from computer science and software engineering, to computer game development, digital cinema and IT project management - just to name a few. Your advanced degree in any of the CDM programs here will equip you with the tools you need to advance your career. 

Why take the time to earn a graduate degree?

Earning a graduate degree is a considerable commitment - an investment in time, money and resources.  But such a significant undertaking is really an investment in yourself and your future.  And we believe the best place to make such an investment is here at DePaul.  Our program yields results. 

Students pursue a graduate CDM degree for a variety of reasons.  Many students want to start a new chapter in their career by exploring new opportunities in such a cutting-edge, growing job market.  Others already have positions within the technology industry, but feel a master’s degree will enable them to advance in the industry or within their company.  Whatever your reasons for pursuing an advanced degree, CDM is the ideal place to take on such a commitment.   Here, our faculty and staff, along with the curriculum they offer, are committed to helping our students achieve their desired goals.

Why choose DePaul CDM?

CDM is known for the innovative programs it offers and its entrepreneurial reputation.  In fact, DePaul CDM continues to be singled out by many respected industry leaders and organizations for the college’s cutting-edge approach.  This involvement has led to countless award-winning programs and national honors that DePaul CDM has received, and continues to receive.

For example, CDM has received national honors in recent years, including being one of the inaugural six universities selected to participate in the Sony Pictures Imageworks IPAX program. The program develops future artists, designers, animators and engineers who will help the visual effects industry to grow. In addition, CDM was named a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance by the National Security Agency and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in 2005 and 2008. 

And with so many CDM alumni who work in the Chicagoland area, students have unparalleled access to an active, connected alumni network.  

DePaul CDM’s unique relationship with Chicago

DePaul's relationship with businesses in Chicago makes it well equipped to offer a variety of opportunities to its students and graduates.

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.  And while we offer one of the largest programs in the county, it is the inexorable relationship between DePaul CDM and Chicago  - a city home to several Fortune 500 companies and industrial giants alike - that makes the DePaul CDM programs unique.  We provide countless opportunities to students like no other school of our size and prestige can. 

What kinds of programs does DePaul CDM offer?

DePaul CDM offers more than 15 graduate degrees, nine of which can be completed online.  And whether your interests within industry lie in the fields of Computing Technology, the Creative Arts, or Business Technology, we offer the right graduate degree program to prepare you for the next stage in your career. 

Learn more specific information about each of our 15 graduate CDM degree programs here.  (Link to CDM page with information on all of the degree programs.)

Opportunities and Industry Projections for Careers in Technology

While the economy is in the midst of a critical downturn, career prospects remain strong for CDM graduates by offering degrees in some of today’s most sought-after fields, while also expanding options for students in emerging fields, such as animation and digital cinema.

Though there may be some adjustments in the IT marketplace in the short term, the long-term career trends in all areas of information technology remain very positive.  Government projections for the strongest-growing areas in job expansions are dominated by jobs in the IT industry.  Core areas in IT remain strong in these projections. 

Not only are there numerous career opportunities here in Chicago, several reputable technology firms from all over the world hire DePaul CDM graduates.   

Here is a sample of companies – both in Chicago and throughout the country - that regularly recruit DePaul CDM Graduates:

• Abbot Laboratories
• Accenture
• Allstate Insurance Company
• AT&T
• Avanade
• Chicago Mercantile Exchange
• Chicago Tribune
• Computer Sciences Corporation
• Disney/Pixar
• EA (Electronic Arts)
• GE Medical Imaging
• Harpo
• Lucent Technologies
• Midway Games, Inc
• PricewaterhouseCoopers