Online Learning

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

CDM Online Learning provides working professionals greater flexibility in pursuing their graduate degree. Students can experience a rigorous, fully accredited DePaul education wherever they choose through Course OnLine.

This unique technology system provides audio and video of the entire classroom experience through the Internet. It allows students to eliminate the commute to our campus locations in the Chicago area. Students who live outside of the Chicago area can use Course OnLine to pursue one of the fully accredited and highly-respected degree programs of CDM.

Students who are enrolled in on-site classes also find Course OnLine helpful. If they need to miss a class session due to work conflicts or illness, Course OnLine allows them to access the material from that session.

Undergraduate Course Content On Demand

Course OnLine allows you to see and hear the professors, their notes on the white board, as well as any of their presentationson the PC and classroom projector. Course OnLine records all of the audio and visual portions of a professor’s  live lecture, and uses multiple screens to display all the elements for your viewing. Within 24 hours of the on-site class, online students view the lecture just as it was presented in class. The only difference is that they choose the time and place that works best for them.

Through Course Online, students can also access course syllabi, handouts and assignments, keep track of special announcements from the faculty, and use e-mail and discussion groups to communicate with other students and with faculty.