Non-Degree Options

Non-Degree Options

Students interested in learning new skills or improving their domain knowledge have three non-degree seeking options at CDM.

Non-Degree Seeking Students

If you do not wish to complete an entire degree program, you may take up to two graduate classes prior to admission into a degree program. After completion of two graduate courses, a student can choose to convert to a full degree seeking master's degree student. Students who wish to take more than two classes are encouraged to consider enrolling in a degree program. Only two classes taken as a non-degree student can be applied towards a CDM master's degree.

You might also choose to take a course or two for professional or personal development, or to update your knowledge of a particular subject. These courses can be taken at the undergraduate or graduate level. Applying for the Non-Degree admission process at the graduate level is the same as the traditional master's degree admission process. Applications for non-degree status at the undergraduate level is managed by the university’s undergraduate admissions office.


CDM offers certificate programs to provide opportunities for degree holders to sharpen their skills. Applicants must submit transcripts from their master's degree and a resume for consideration. Choose non-degree seeking programs on the DePaul Application.

Institute for Professional Development Programs

Students who wish to enhance specific technology skill development might also wish to consider CDM's Institute for Professional Development. The Institute for Professional Development offers a variety of certificate programs varying in length from two to twelve weeks.

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