Jay Wagner

Adjunct Faculty // Databases, Security, Relational Databases
College of Computing and Digital Media
Jay Wagner
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Bio and Research Information

James Wagner is a fifth year Ph.D. candidate and a GAANN fellow in the College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM) at DePaul University. He received his Master's in Computer Science from DePaul University and his Bachelor's in Chemistry from Marquette University. As a member of the Data Systems and Optimization Lab at CDM, he leads projects in database forensics, database security, and database optimization.

Selected Publications

● Detecting Database File Tampering through Page Carving. J. Wagner, A. Rasin, K. Heart, T. Malik, J. Furst, J. Grier. EDBT 2018. PDF ● Carving Database Storage to Detect and Trace Security Breaches. J. Wagner, A. Rasin, B. Glavic, K. Heart, J. Furst, L. Bressan, J. Grier. DFRWS 2017. BEST STUDENT PAPER. PDF ● Database Forensic Analysis with DBCarver. J. Wagner, A. Rasin, T. Malik, K. Heart, H. Jehle, J. Grier. CIDR 2017. PDF

Research Area

Databases, Security, Relational Databases

Specific Research Area

Database forensics, database security, and database optimization

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