BS in Computer Graphics and Motion Technology

Bachelor of Science 2010-2011

Computer Graphics and Motion Technology

The BS in Computer Graphics and Motion Technology prepares students who have a passion for art, math or technology for a multitude of career paths in computer graphics animation. Graduates from this major create visuals for video games, scientific and aerospace visualization, movies, television, and advertising. Students in this program will learn
  • Design and analysis of mathematics/computer science programming principals for computer graphic design.
  • History and theory of graphic design (color theory, perception).
  • Usability and human-computer interaction.
  • Hands-on, practical knowledge of digital photography, 3D animation, 3D modeling, texturing and rendering
  • Visual communication techniques
  • Real world experience working in group as a contributing team member
  • Creating animation in a production pipeline environment

Technical Designer Concentration
This concentration prepares students interested in visual aspects, including lighting setup, shader development, scripting and character rigging.

Developer Concentration
This concentration prepares students for careers in graphics software development, with courses in programming languages (C/C++) and mathematics (calculus and algebra), in addition to animation and computer graphics.

Online Learning Options
Some courses are available for review and playback via the CDM Course Online playback system (COL). If a course is COL-enabled, any student registered in the course has access to the course playback. Students are strongly encouraged to utilize the COL resource wherever available. Some undergraduate courses are offered online. However, CDM currently does not offer any undergraduate program completely online. For more information on online learning at CDM visit the Online Learning page.