BS in Information Systems

Bachelor of Science 2010-2011

Information Systems

Students majoring in Information Systems develop the ability to use technology to address the operational, tactical, and strategic challenges facing business, nonprofit, and government organizations. Students in both concentrations develop background in usability and information assurance. Regardless of concentration, common long-term career positions for IS majors include Systems Analyst, Business Analyst, Information Technology Manager / Director, IT Project Manager, and IT Consultant. Job prospects for these positions are excellent, as many IS experts are due to retire over the next five years and the ability to outsource these positions is low.

Students following the Analyst Concentration seldom program, and often find entry level positions as user department analysts, acting as the liaison between the Information Technology department and other business units.

Students following the Developer Concentration do typically program, and are well prepared to begin careers as Web Developers.

Online Learning Options
Many courses are available for review and playback via the CDM Course Online playback system (COL). If a course is COL-enabled, any student registered in the course has access to the course playback. Students are strongly encouraged to utilize the COL resource wherever available. Some undergraduate courses are offered online. However, CDM currently does not offer any undergraduate program completely online. For more information on online learning at CDM visit the Online Learning page.