CDM Combined Degree

Combined Degree Programs

Academically gifted students may choose to enroll in the combined degree program. This program allows students to combine many CDM bachelor's degree programs with CDM master's degree programs following the structure outlined below.

Program Structure

Students in the combined degree program take a maximum of three graduate level courses that count toward both their bachelor’s and master’s degree requirements. Students may enroll in graduate level coursework in the junior and senior year only. Students in the combined degree program will receive the bachelor's degree after meeting all graduation requirements including the standard 192 undergraduate credit hours. The master’s degree is awarded after the student completes 10 additional graduate courses (40 credit hours), instead of the standard 13 courses (52 credit hours). Only CDM courses can be taken as part of this program. Advanced programs (e.g., JD/MS, JD/MA, MFA, and PhD) are not eligible for the combined degree program.

Admission Criteria

  • Minimum of 6 courses (24 credit hours) completed at DePaul
  • GPA of 3.3 or higher in courses taken at DePaul
  • Endorsement of faculty advisor

In order to apply for the BS/MS combined degree program, your faculty advisor must send an e-mail recommendation to the CDM Academic Success Center. The recommendation should include your full name, student ID number, and the bachelor's and master's degrees you wish to combine.

Bachelor of Arts in Computing students who are enrolled via the School for New Learning are eligible for this program.  Interested students who meet the admission criteria for a combined degree should contact Kenn Skorupa at SNL for more information.

Maintaining Good Standing

  • Each student's cumulative GPA and course grades will be reviewed after each Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarter.
  • The student and Faculty Advisor will be notified when the student’s cumulative GPA falls below 3.3 or when the students receives less than a C- in graduate level course. 
  • If a student’s cumulative GPA falls below 3.3, the student must earn a term GPA of 3.3 or above in the following quarter to stay active. If the student does not achieve a 3.3 term GPA, then the student will be dismissed from the combined program and resume the traditional BA/BS. As long as the student’s cumulative GPA is below 3.3, the student must continue to achieve at least a 3.3 term GPA in all following quarters or face dismissal. If, at any point, the student’s cumulative GPA is once again 3.3 or higher, term requirements no longer apply.
  • If a student does not maintain good standing, they will be dismissed from the Combined Degree and returned to normal undergraduate degree seeking status. Any graduate courses passed before dismissal will not be counted toward graduate credit and may not be retaken (if the student does pursue graduate study, other graduate courses must be substituted). If dismissed students wish to apply to a CDM graduate degree program, they may do so following normal CDM Admission procedures, but will still be required to take 13 graduate courses for a MS degree.

Designing a Course of Study

It is extremely important that the student and faculty advisor work together on a course of study immediately upon admission to the Combined Degree Program.

This course of study may include which undergraduate classes to avoid taking in order to take the graduate version. Failure to put together a solid plan can lead to extra coursework and a lengthening of the Combined Degree program.

It is advisable for the student and the advisor to enter the proposed plan of study in the student communication record on the CDM intranet so it is available to the student and CDM faculty and staff.

Registering for Master's Degree Courses

The student's advisor must email Associate Dean Lucia Dettori  requesting enrollment in any graduate course. The following information should be included in the email: student's full name, DePaul ID, graduate course and section, and the undergraduate course to be substituted for. Student services will process the enrollment.

Bachelor's Degree to Master's Degree Transition

In order to be fully admitted to the designated master's degree program, the student must meet all admission requirements for that program. Learn more about master's degree admission requirements.  The student will follow the master's degree requirements associated with their term of admission. If the student did not meet all prerequisites for the master's degree prior to admission, then the student will need to complete (course, test or waiver) the missing prerequisites for the chosen master's degree prior to taking any additional graduate courses.