MS - Computer Graphics and Motion Technology - DePaul

Master of Science 2010-2011

Computer Graphics and Motion Technology

The MS in Computer Graphics and Motion Technology  focuses on the technical and visual foundations for the design and software development of Computer Graphics and Motion Technology. This program prepares students for technical careers in the graphics industry ranging from entertainment to data visualization for science and medicine.

Students in the program will acquire a broad set of skills including:

  • Gain a sensitivity to human perception, including a comprehension of fundamental design concepts, color theory, and the interaction of light with surfaces
  • Build a deep understanding of such interaction design, modeling objects, controlling cameras, rigging characters for animation and using particle and surface techniques
  • Apply perceptual and technical abilities in creating shaders, textures, characters, scenes and animations
  • Acquire hands-on experience with a wide range of commercially-available tools
  • Become appreciative of the two “cultures” of computer graphics – the one drawing on communication design and the other deriving from computer science.
  • This degree prepares students for careers in graphics/animation production and software development. Students acquire both the aesthetic and technical knowledge required in this changing industry.


Visualization Concentration
This concentration focuses on graphics/animation for displaying, explaining and analyzing scientific and medical data. Visualization displays numerical data in an accurate, high-density and compact form in which patterns are revealed, emphasized and clearly communicated. Students focus on the mathematics, statistics and programming techniques necessary to analyze and display such data. At the same time students are given a firm grounding in the aesthetics that allow them to build visualizations that communicate effectively and beautifully.

Developer Concentration
This concentration follows a more traditional computer science path, focusing on the mathematical and programming techniques necessary to build graphics/animation software. Developers study not only the necessary data structures to build software such as game engines and production renderers but also the knowledge required to know what software artists will need and how they will it.

Technical Director Concentration
This concentration prepares students for jobs that facilitate artistic production. It gives students a solid aesthetic background while also providing a firm grounding in the scripting techniques necessary to take the industry’s software as far as it can go in realizing the artist’s creative intent. Graduates will be able to assist creative directors in such activities as creating virtual sets, adjusting lighting, asset management and rigging characters for animation.

Online Learning Options
Some courses in this degree are available for review and playback via the CDM Course Online playback system (COL) . If a course is COL-enabled, any student registered in the course has access to the course playback. Students are strongly encouraged to utilize the COL resource wherever available. Some courses are offered online. To complete this degree students may take any combination of courses offered online and on campus. For more information on online learning at CDM visit the Online Learning page. ​​​