Master of Science Winter & Spring 2012-2013

Predictive Analytics

The MS in Predictive Analytics program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful professionals in the field of predictive analytics. The degree prepares students for a career as a data scientist, data miner or predictive modeler, a profession that is in high-demand and that offers many career opportunities. Graduates learn advanced statistical methods, data mining and machine learning techniques to extract meaningful information from vast amounts of data. Students gain practical experience in analytics by working on real data analysis projects sponsored by companies or as part of research projects, under the supervision of DePaul faculty. Students have the option to choose between two concentrations.


Computational Methods Concentration
The Computational Methods Concentration provides students with the technical skills and the statistical and quantitative knowledge needed to manage and extract information from massive amounts of data. Students learn the newest tools and techniques to mine big data and how to help companies make sense of their data. This concentration is recommended for students with programming experience.

Marketing Concentration
The Marketing Concentration provides students with the quantitative and the analytical skills to gain insights from large amounts of data, to develop modeling solutions to support business decision making, and to be able to present results effectively to a non-technical business audience. Students take courses in multivariate statistics and in data mining together with courses in marketing analytics and customer relationship management to gain a deep understanding of the challenges and goals of business analytics.

Online Learning Options
This degree can be completed entirely online. Some courses in this degree are available for review and playback via the CDM Course Online playback system (COL) . If a course is COL-enabled, any student registered in the course has access to the course playback. Students are strongly encouraged to utilize the COL resource wherever available. Students who wish to complete this degree entirely online need to consult with their faculty advisor to make suitable substitutions for any courses that are not offered online. For more information on online learning at CDM visit the Online Learning section. Information on online delivery of Marketing courses can be found on the Kellstadt Online Learning page. ​