BS in Network Technology

Bachelor of Science 2012-2013

Network Technologies

In the BS in Network Technologies, students will learn the theory and practice of designing, deploying and managing both wired and wireless networks technologies, including broadband Internet access technologies, interconnection technologies, network convergence, and network security. The program provides a combined emphasis on both foundational theory and hands-on experience that allow students to design, configure, and manage equipment and services in a variety of network environments. Students gain experience with network devices and servers in lab facilities focused on enterprise network, security, and multimedia network services The Network Technologies program provides students with expertise in:
  • The protocols and services that enable Internet and LAN services
  • The design and management of local and wide area network
  • Voice and data network convergence through VoIP technologies
  • Wireless networks (WiFi, WiMAX, Cellular, and 3G)
  • Network security

This concentration is geared toward students who are considering careers in network design, system management, service deployment, and product/vendor evaluation. The course work focuses on network technologies, protocol studies, device configuration, and network design.

Network Security
This concentration is geared toward students who are considering careers in network security, security administration, and security infrastructure design. The course work focuses on network security technologies, best practices in security design, and security management.

Online Learning Options
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