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Master of Science 2011-2012

Cinema Production

Animation Concentration

This concentration features a program of study in traditional animation (hand-drawn and stop-motion), 3D modeling and character animation for cinema and game art, in addition to the core cinema courses. Limited Online Options are available for this concentration.

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Degree Requirements
Students in this degree program must meet the following requirements:
  • complete a minimum of 52 credit hours (generally 13 courses) beyond the Prerequisite Phase
  • earn a grade of B- or better in each Prerequisite Phase course
  • earn a grade of C- or better in all graduate courses beyond the Prerequisite Phase
  • maintain a graduate level GPA of 2.50 or higher while pursuing their degree
  • achieve a graduate GPA of 2.50 or higher at the completion of all other requirements

Students with a GPA of 3.9 or higher will graduate with distinction.

For DePaul's policy on repeat graduate courses and a complete list of academic policies see the DePaul Graduate Handbook in the Course Catalog.

Course Requirements
Prerequisite Phase
The goal of the prerequisite phase is to give students the background necessary for starting the graduate program. These prerequisite phase requirements can be fulfilled in one of two ways:
  • The student takes the course and earns a grade of B- or higher
  • The faculty advisor waives the course because of equivalent academic background or work experience.

All students are blocked from enrolling in Graduate Phase courses prior to completing their prerequisites. Students must submit an online Change of Status request (through myCDM) when the Prerequisite Phase is completed to inform the Student Services offices that the block can be removed.

ANI 101 Animation for Non-Majors
OR ANI 201 Animation I
ANI 206 History of Animation
ANI 230 3D Design and Modeling
ANI 231 3D Animation

Students must also complete 2 courses from the following list

DC 215 Introduction to Sound Design
DC 275 Cinematography
DC 201 Introduction to Screenwriting
DC 210 Digital Cinema Production I
DC 220 Editing I
GAM 244 Game Development I
GAM 245 Game Development II
Foundation Phase
ANI 460 Animation Graduate Seminar
DC 461 Production Workshop
DC 462 Directing Workshop
Advanced Phase
ANI 436 3D Modeling Studio
ANI 430 3D Character Animation
ANI 439 3D Texturing and Lighting
Major electives
Students in this program must choose any 4 ANI, GPH, DC or GAM graduate-level courses.
Open electives
Students in this program must choose any 3 CDM graduate-level courses.