MS in IT Project Management

Master of Science 2014-2015

IT Project Management

Degree Requirements
Students in this degree program must meet the following requirements:
  • Complete a minimum of 52 graduate credit hours in the designated degree program.
  • Complete all graduate courses and requirements listed in the designated degree program.
  • Earn a grade of C- or better in all courses of the designated degree program.
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • Students pursuing a second (or more) graduate degree may not double count or retake any course that applied toward the completion of a prior graduate degree. If a required course in the second degree was already completed and applied toward a previous degree, the student must meet with a faculty advisor to discuss a new course to be completed and substituted in the new degree. This rule also applies to cross-listed courses, which are considered to be the same course but offered under different subjects.
  • Students pursuing a second master's degree must complete a minimum of 52* graduate credit hours beyond their first designated degree program in addition to any required introductory courses in their second designated degree program.
    *53 graduate credit hours required for MS Information Systems.

Students with a GPA of 3.9 or higher will graduate with distinction.

For DePaul's policy on repeat graduate courses and a complete list of academic policies see the DePaul Graduate Handbook in the Course Catalog.

Course Requirements

No course labeled as Introductory (a course numbered 400 through 419) in any other program may be substituted for any other course at any level.

Unlike other CDM graduate programs that admit students regardless of technical background, the MS in IT Project Management is designed for students who possess a Bachelor's degree or significant work experience in an IT related area. Examples of such areas include (but are not limited to) CIS, IS, MIS, Networking. Students whose undergraduate degree is in an unrelated area will be required to produce evidence of at least two years of responsible work experience as a computer programmer, systems analyst, business analyst, or similar position where the workload is primarily centered on Information Technology and the student had significant exposure to the system development process.
Foundation Courses
PM 430 Fundamentals of IT Project Management
PM 440 Collaborative Technologies for Leading Projects
PM 535 Information Technology Investment Financial Analysis
PM 556 Enterprise Project Management
PM 570 Enterprise System Implementation
MGT 500 Managing for Effective and Ethical Organizational Behavior
orIS 500 Information Technology Leadership
Note The PM courses listed above are offered in cross-listed sections of same-number IS courses.
Students are not allowed to take both IS 500 and MGT 500 to satisfy Foundation Courses requirements.
Advanced Courses
Students must complete 24 quarter hours (generally 6 courses) from the list below. A minimum of twelve quarter hours (generally 3 courses) must be taken from CDM. These electives cover a broad range of technical, managerial, and information systems topics. Students should work closely with their advisor to identify and select courses most directly associated with their career plans.
  • CDM Elective Courses (all 4 credit hours)
    CNS 533 Enterprise Security Infrastructure Controls and Regulatory Compliance
    IS 433 Information Security Management
    IS 435 Organizational Modeling
    IS 456 Knowledge Management Systems
    IS 483 Information Services and Operations
    IS 485 Requirements Elicitation, Analysis, and Specification
    IS 500 Information Technology Leadership
    IS 505 Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Theories and Strategies
    IS 536 Enterprise Cloud Computing
    IS 540 Global Information Technology
    IS 560 Enterprise Systems
    IS 565 IT Outsourcing
    IS 578 Information Technology Consulting
    IS 579 Virtual Software Teams Management
    SE 430 Object Oriented Modeling *
    SE 468 Software Measurement/Project Estimation
    SE 482 Requirements Engineering
    SE 529 Software Risk Management
    * SE 430 requires two courses of object-oriented coding, or consent of the instructor.
  • Kellstadt Elective Courses (all 4 credit hours)
    ACC 500 Financial Accounting
    ACC 555 Management Accounting for Decision-Making
    MGT 530 Leadership in Organizations
    MGT 555 Strategic Management of Human Resources
    MGT 562 Resolving Conflict in Organizations
    MGT 563 Negotiation Skills
    MGT 565 Employment Law
Students must complete the following course:
PM 577 IT Portfolio Management and Strategies