MFA in Animation

Master of Fine Arts 2015-2016


Course Legend

Curriculum Requirements

No course labeled as Introductory in any other program may be substituted for any other course at any level.

First Year
Fall Quarter​
ANI 423
ANI 460
ANI 421
Winter Quarter
ANI 425
ANI 422
1 Animation Elective
Spring Quarter
ANI 440
ANI 466
1 Animation Elective
Second Year
​​ Fall Quarter
ANI 540 (2 credit hours)
ANI 481
1 Animation Elective
Winter Quarter
ANI 541 (2 credit hours)
ANI 560
1 Animation Elective
Spring Quarter
ANI 639
2 Animation Electives
Third Year
Fall Quarter
ANI 640 (1 credit hour)
1 Animation Elective
Winter Quarter
ANI 640 (1 credit hour)
1 Animation Elective
Spring Quarter
ANI 640 (1 credit hour)
*ANI 640 must be taken at least 3 times.
Animation Electives
Animation electives include any graduate level ANI, DC, GAM, GD, GPH, HCI or VFX courses.
MFA Thesis
The MFA Thesis Animation is the culmination of graduate study in the MFA. Students work on an animated film for the three quarters of their third year, and meet periodically for critiques with peers and faculty. Students also produce a written analysis of their work. Students must complete their thesis project and the degree within a total of five years from their first quarter in the program.

Student's MFA Advisor Committee and Thesis Timeline
During the Fall quarter of their second year, all MFA students must form an MFA Advisor Committee. The committee is comprised of three full-time DePaul faculty members, and at least two of the three must be members of the Animation MFA Committee. Students must consult with their Advisor Committee throughout the Thesis project, including during ANI 639 MFA Pre-Thesis. During the final quarter of their Thesis project, the MFA candidate must schedule a meeting with their Advisor Committee to screen the work, and defend the project and thesis paper before the committee. The MFA Advisor Committee decides whether the MFA candidate should be awarded the degree, and if not, what must be done in order for them to receive it.

MFA Thesis Screening
At the end of the third year students present their thesis exhibition in an appropriate venue (a theater or gallery).

MFA Thesis Defense
In order to receive their MFA degree, students must defend the thesis project and the written analysis of their work before their MFA Advisor Committee.

Degree Requirements

Students in this degree program must meet the following requirements:
  • Complete a minimum of 79 graduate credit hours in the designated degree program.
  • Complete all graduate courses and requirements listed in the designated degree program.
  • Earn a grade of C- or better in all graduate courses of the designated degree program.
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • Satisfactorily complete the MFA thesis as determined by the student's MFA Advisor Committee.
  • Students cannot count credit earned towards a previously awarded master's or MFA degree toward the completion of this MFA program.

For DePaul's policy on repeat graduate courses and a complete list of academic policies see the DePaul Graduate Handbook in the Course Catalog.