MS in Applied Technology

Master of Science 2015-2016

Applied Technology

DePaul SNL Logo The Master of Science program in Applied Technology (MSAT) is a joint degree and draws on the combined strengths of the College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM) and the School for New Learning (SNL). This degree is designed for people who want to deepen their understanding and use of technology while enhancing their skills and knowledge for improving the interface between technology and humanity in organizational systems. Students can specialize in one of five areas within MSAT: Information Systems, Network Technology, IT Project Management, Information Technology, and Human-Computer Interaction.
Admission Process

This degree is administered by the School for New Learning. The Graduate Admission process involves completing an online application, sending in your transcripts and resume, and an interview with the Program Directors.

Please visit the SNL Graduate Admissions page for more information.

Curriculum Requirements

The degree is designed for people who wish to acquire advanced technical skills in a highly focused area, in combination with enhanced understanding of the larger organizational, economic, and social contexts within which these technical skills are practiced. Students entering the MSAT must have an undergraduate degree with an appropriate GPA, although it need not have been in a technology-related field. They must also have had experience in the workplace sufficient to define the technological requirements of an organization as well as to understand the organizational system itself (generally, at least three years), and must have access to a worksite "laboratory" within which the application of learning can take place. The curriculum consists of three primary components:

  • CDM courses in an individualized Area of Specialization: Information Systems, Network Technology, IT Project Management, Information Technology, and Human-Computer Interaction.
  • A series of brief/intensive Liberal Learning Seminars offered through SNL which are designed to rekindle and/or deepen your practice in key domains of applied effectiveness (personal, interpersonal, organizational, values and inquiry).
  • A Culminating Project which is designed to integrate the technical and liberal learning components of the program through the design and/or implementation of a major professional project in the workplace.

Prospective students can find more information on this degree at the SNL website.

No Introductory course (a course numbered 400 through 419) may be substituted for any other course at any level.