MS in Information Systems - Database Administration Concentration

The Software Development Concentration addresses the foundations, methodologies, and tools for developing high quality large-scale software systems, with an emphasis on the technical issues of software development. Online Learning Learning opportunities are available for this concentration.
Master of Science 2018-2019

Information Systems

Database Administration Concentration

Degree Requirements

Students in this degree program must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete a minimum of 52 graduate credit hours in addition to any required introductory courses of the designated degree program.
  • Complete all graduate courses and requirements listed in the designated degree program.
  • Earn a grade of C- or better in all courses of the designated degree program.
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • Students pursuing a second (or more) graduate degree may not double count or retake any course that applied toward the completion of a prior graduate degree. If a required course in the second degree was already completed and applied toward a previous degree, the student must meet with a faculty advisor to discuss a new course to be completed and substituted in the new degree. This rule also applies to cross-listed courses, which are considered to be the same course but offered under different subjects.
  • Students pursuing a second master's degree must complete a minimum of 52 graduate credit hours beyond their first designated degree program in addition to any required introductory courses in their second designated degree program.

Students with a GPA of 3.9 or higher will graduate with distinction.

For DePaul's policy on repeat graduate courses and a complete list of academic policies see the DePaul Graduate Handbook in the Course Catalog

Course Requirements
Introductory Courses
No Introductory Course may be substituted for any other course at any level.

Introductory courses may be waived for any of the following conditions:
  • The student has the appropriate course work to satisfy an Introductory Course.
  • The student has appropriate and verified professional experience to satisfy an Introductory Course.
  • If an exam is available, the student passes a Graduate Assessment Examination (GAE) in the Introductory Course area.
Introductory course requirements for this concentration should be completed before pursuing advanced courses.
IT 411 Scripting for Interactive Systems
OR CSC 401 Introduction to Programming
Foundation Courses
IS 421 Systems Analysis
CSC 451 Database Design for Information Systems
IS 422 System Design, Implementation, and Maintenance
IS 430 Fundamentals of IT Project Management
Advanced Courses
IS 549 Data Warehousing
CSC 454 Database Administration and Management
CSC 452 Database Programming
CSC 554 Advanced Database Management
Major Elective Courses
Students must take 3 courses from the list of courses below:
CNS 440 Information Security Management
IPD 447 Big Data Using Hadoop Program
IPD 451 Big Data and NoSQL Program
IPD 460 SQL Server Business Intelligence Program
IPD 463 SQL Server Database Administration Program
IS 452 Big Data and the Internet of Things (Iot)
IS 505 Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Theories and Strategies
IS 536 Enterprise Cloud Computing
IS 550 Enterprise Data Management
Note: Students may choose a maximum of two of their master's-level course requirements with credit earned in a certificate program.
CDM Open Elective Courses
Students must complete 1 CDM Open Elective Course chosen from either IS concentration courses from any IS concentration or other courses meeting the following rules:
  • Any CNS, CSC, ECT, GAM, GPH, HCI, HIT, IS, IT, PM, SE, or TDC course in the 421-699 range qualifies.
  • Credit for courses taken outside of CDM will only be given if approved by a faculty advisor.
IS 577 Information Systems Policies and Strategies