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Math and Computer Science



The BS in Math and Computer Science is a joint degree between the College of Computing and Digital Media and the Department of Mathematics. It provides challenging opportunities to exceptional students with an interest in the highly theoretical nexus of math and computer science. Mathematics is a key element to the theory and practice of computer science and technology. This program is intended to appeal to academically talented students. It is designed to prepare them for graduate study in various areas of computer science such as theoretical computer science, graphics, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and computational methods and in areas in applied mathematics such as numerical analysis or discrete mathematics. The program is also designed to prepare students to compete for the more theoretical complex jobs found in computer software development.

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Online Learning

Some courses are available for review and playback ONLINE.

CODE.ORG is a great resource for students interested in computer science to learn how to code.

If you're already a pro, enables you to share your knowledge to inspire the next generation of programmers and computer scientists.

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