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The MS in Predictive Analytics addresses the growing demand of data scientists that have the right blend of technical and analytical skills to meet the challenge of big data analytics. The curriculum emphasizes technical proficiency and practical experience, and provides students with advanced skills in data mining, multivariate statistics, machine learning, and database processing. Students work on real world analytics problems through industry sponsored data analysis projects or internships in the analytics field. Students can choose among a wide range of electives, including courses at Kellstadt Business school to learn about specific application domains.


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The graduate application process involves completing an online application, sending in your transcripts and submitting any supplemental material (e.g., letters of recommendation, certifications, etc.). To learn more about the process, visit our Graduate Admission page for more information.

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4 Concentrations

Computational Methods Concentration

All required courses are available online. The Computational Methods concentration is designed for students who want to develop strong technical and programming skills for big data analytics. Students will be trained to handle and aggregate massive amounts of data and to use appropriate modeling and data mining techniques to extract information from complex data sources.

Health Care Concentration

The health care concentration addresses the increasing need of data scientists responsible for gathering, integrating, analyzing and presenting health care data. Some courses are available online. Students will learn analytics methods to support clinical decision systems, to improve patients’ outcomes and patients’ experience, and to improve clinical care and costs.

Marketing Concentration

Some courses are available online. The Marketing concentration is designed for students who want to combine strong technical skills in analytics with competency in marketing analytics and customer relationship management. Students learn how to extract information from data to support business decision making and marketing decisions.

Hospitality Concentration

Some courses are available online. The Hospitality concentration addresses the increasing demand of data scientists that combine the computational skills to extract information from massive amounts of data with the competency in hospitality revenue analytics and optimization. The focus of this concentration is to teach students the analytics needs and challenges of the hospitality and tourism industry.

Data Mining and Predictive Analytics Center

The Data Mining and Predictive Analytics Center is an applied research center that brings together the expertise and knowledge of DePaul faculty and fosters collaborations with industry organizations, providing consulting services in analytics and connecting companies with graduates of the Predictive Analytics degree.

DePaul Analytics Student Group

The DePaul Analytics student group is open to students interested in data science and analytics. The organization coordinates networking events with industry leaders and provides its student members with opportunities to gain additional experience in data science through workshops. The student group can be found on facebook, LinkedIn or reached by email.

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Hyunyou Choi
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