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The Master of Science in applied technology (MSAT) program is a joint degree offered through the School for New Learning (SNL) and the College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM). The program is designed for people who want to deepen their understanding and use of technology while enhancing their skills and knowledge for improving the interface between technology and people in organizational systems. The MSAT program allows students to develop a highly focused set of applied technology skills and enhance their understanding of the organizational, interpersonal and learning issues that characterize today's changing work environment. Students also learn how to help organizations connect their technical and social systems with one another.

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Admission Process

The graduate application process involves completing an online application, sending in your transcripts and submitting any supplemental material (e.g., letters of recommendation, certifications, etc.). To learn more about the process, visit our Graduate Admission page for more information.

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SNL Features

This program draws on the strengths of SNL and CDM both of which are leaders in their respective disciplines. Students customize portions of their studies by combining specialized course work with on-the-job, applied learning projects. Students receive assistance from a designated faculty mentor from each college and a team of advisors from both the university as well as the professional community who provide coaching and mentoring to ensure each student's success.

Applied Technology

The program consists of 52 quarter hours which are distributed across program planning and integration, liberal learning seminars, professional core coursework and an independent, work-based projects in each area of specialization. Students begin by choosing one of five areas of specialization for their graduate study.

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