Software Engineering Policy

Software Engineering

Studio Sequence Substitution Policy

Software Engineering (SE) Studio sequence is a requirement for MS SE students. It can only be substituted for students who have had industrial experience in team software development projects. For those students with sufficient experience, they must complete a MS project or thesis in lieu of SE Studio.

Substitution of SE Studio must be approved in advance. Student should seek such approval no later than the second quarter after starting the Foundation phase of the program. The request for substitution should be submitted to Software Engineering Program Committee (SE-PC) and the decision will be made by the SE-PC in consultation with the student’s advisor.

Each applicant should provide supporting materials of his/her experience in software development, including resume, and letter(s) from the project manager describing the applicant's role in the projects.

All approvals of substitution will be contingent upon the applicant's completion of a MS project or thesis for 8 credit hours. Any deviation from that must be approved by the SE-PC as well.