CSC 299 Sophomore Lab in Applied Computing

Office: CDM 712
Fall 2015-2016
Class number: 11677
Section number: 401
TuTh 10:10AM - 11:40AM
CDM 00658 Loop Campus


In this course, students investigate a particular application of computing. Students learn tools, methodologies, and formalisms used in particular computing area, and apply them to develop working systems. Courses stress student initiative in investigating the application context, learning new tools (including languages and APIs), studying algorithms and code examples, and working on projects. Topics will vary by the faculty member's interest and perspective. PREREQUISITE(S): CSC 242 or CSC 243

Week by Week schedule

Week 1

Bash Shell Scripting and Basic Linux Commands

Week 2

Overview of the Python Programming Language

Week 3

The GIT Distributed Version Control System

Week 4

Screen Scraping with Python and BeautifulSoup

Week 5

Creating a simple full text search engine

Week 6

Automating web interaction with Mechanize

Week 7

Web testing with Mechanize

Week 8

Remote management with Fabric

Week 9

Remote deployment, upgrade and maintenance

Week 10


In this class you will learn the following:

Linux/Bash Commands

cd, mkdir, rmdir, ls, rm, chmod, chown, echo, python, apt-get, sudo, visudo, top, ps, kill

Git Commads

clone, init, add, commit, push, pull, checkout

Python Commands

int/long, tuple, float, str, unicode, dict, for, while, if..elif..esle, try..except, def, class, lambda, pass, del

Python Modules

os, re, sys, datetime, urllib, BeautifulSoup, Mechanize, Fabric

BeautifulSoup Methods

find, findall, next, prev, parent, nextSibling, prevSibling

Mechanize Commands

geturl, follow_link, select_form, submit

Fabric Commands

local, run, sudo, get, put


There will be 9 lab assignments to be completed in the lab (attendance is mandatory) and they will count 11 points each (except the first which will count for 12 points) for a total of 100 points.

A 95-100
A- 92-94
B+ 88-91
B 85-87
B- 82-84
C+ 78-81
C 75-77
C- 72-74
D+ 68-71
D 65-67
D- 62-64
F 0-55

School policies:

Changes to Syllabus

This syllabus is subject to change as necessary during the quarter. If a change occurs, it will be thoroughly addressed during class, posted under Announcements in D2L and sent via email.

Online Course Evaluations

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Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

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Academic Policies

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Students with Disabilities

Students who feel they may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact the instructor privately to discuss their specific needs. All discussions will remain confidential.
To ensure that you receive the most appropriate accommodation based on your needs, contact the instructor as early as possible in the quarter (preferably within the first week of class), and make sure that you have contacted the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) at:
Lewis Center 1420, 25 East Jackson Blvd.
Phone number: (312)362-8002
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