CP 410 Creative Producing (Formerly DC 489)

Steven Jones

Office: CDM 472
Spring 2019-2020
Class number: 30076
Section number: 601
Th 1:30PM - 4:45PM



Summary of course
CP 410 examines the evolution of the business of the film industry and how it has changed as a result of social, political, economic and technological advancements. DC 489 also stresses the role of the Producer as the primary instigator of Movies. Students will learn about pioneers who shaped the business of the industry: the studio system and its collapse, along with the impact of the digital revolution on marketing and exhibition.
Students will analyze the role of studios and independent producers from idea origination and script development to financing, production, marketing and distribution. Students will learn concepts of constructing deals, marketing, box office analysis and revenue streams. Students will also study the structure of organizations and groups crucial to the entertainment industry: studios, talent, agents, markets, film festivals, and professional organizations including guilds and unions.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to introduce and expand students entrepreneurial and business skills to accomplish creative and filmmaking goals. At the end of the term, a student will be expected to: articulate orally and in writing how motion picture studios operate and how a production is mounted, distributed and exhibited.



Textbooks and printed resources
Required Texts

The Movie Business Book, (4th Edition) Jason E. Squire

The Kid Stays in the Picture, Robert Evans,

The Big Picture, Edward Jay Epstein

Recommended Texts:

The Complete Film Production Handbook, (3rd Edition) Eve Light Honthaner
Contracts for the Film and Television Industry, (2nd Edition) Mark Litwak

Recommended Websites

Screen Actors Guild:
Writer?s Guild of America:

Independent Feature Project:
Illinois Film Office:
Illinois Secretary of State:
U. S. Copyright Office:




Personal film assignment 10%

Industry News assignment10%

Midterm Exam 30%

Class Participation and Personal Growth 10%

Final 40%

A = 100-93, A- = 92-90, B+ = 89-88, B = 87-83, B- = 82-80, C+ = 79-78, C = 77-73, C- = 72-70,
D+ = 69-68, D = 67-63, D- = 62-60, F = 59-0. A indicates excellence, B indicates good work, C indicates satisfactory work, D indicates unsatisfactory work, and F is a failure to demonstrate an understanding of course concepts.


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