TDC 375 Network Protocols

Office: 55 E. Jackson Room 713
Spring 2015-2016
Class number: 32587
Section number: 901
Th 5:45PM - 9:00PM
LEWIS 01005 Loop Campus


This course examines several advanced network protocol topics, with particular focus on current, advanced core Internet technologies, protocols and operational issues. The global routing system that runs on BGP, the domain name system (DNS) and internetwork security issues for instance will all receive significant attention. Since this is a combined course, one of the topics we will also spend some time on is the transmission control protocol (TCP) as an example of a protocol that aims to provide end-to-end based flow control and reliability on top of an otherwise unreliable substrate. The development and ongoing challenges of the Internet system, it's design, development and support requirements will be covered. Important operational systems utilizing NTP, SNMP and syslog will also receive some attention. Security services and protocols such as SSL/TLS and SSH will be examined. As demand and time allow, we may cover a number of related advanced networking protocol topics.

While we will focus our attention on the ubiquitous TCP/IP protocol suite, the lectures will not only cover protocol basics, design and operational considerations (i.e. why are things the way they are), but also delve into a number of real-world case studies. These opportunities will often feature some of the most interesting material, leveraging the instructor's experience and current role outside of the purely academic environment.


  • Internetworking with TCP/IP Volume One (6th Edition), Douglas E. Comer, ISBN-13: 978-0136085300 (CDM Assigned and Required Book)

  • Interconnections: Bridges, Routers, Switches and Internetworking Protocols (2nd Edition), Radia Perlman, ISBN-13: 978-0201634488 (recommended)


  • Quizzes (25%)

  • Homework (25%)

  • Mid-Term (25%)

  • Final-Exam(25%)

  • Extra Credit Opportunities


  • TDC 365

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