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FILM 228: Ethics in Computer Games and Cinema (Formerly Dc 228)

Societies function based on normative ethics utilizing common sense to distinguish between ethical and unethical behavior. Most of us are not aware of the underlying theories when arriving at ethical judgments about right and wrong. However, the fast pace of progress in information technologies and digital entertainment creates an environment, in which ethical challenges are particularly complex. In the eyes of many, games and movies are violent, offensive and immoral. This course will concentrate on analyzing the impact of digital entertainment on an individual and society. Implications of certain values embedded in games and movies will be discussed. Elements of the ethical code of conduct for a game or movie creator will be formulated. The issue of balancing individual creativity vs. cultural impact particularly on children will be discussed. (FORMERLY DC 228)

Fall 2019-2020

Section: 101
Class number: 16241
Meeting time: TuTh 10:10AM - 11:40AM
Location: CDM 00224 at Loop Campus
Section: 102
Class number: 16242
Meeting time: MW 9:40AM - 11:10AM
Location: LEVAN 00301 at Lincoln Park Campus
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Section: 103
Class number: 16243
Meeting time: TuTh 11:20AM - 12:50PM
Location: LEVAN 00305 at Lincoln Park Campus
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Class number: 16244
Meeting time: TuTh 3:10PM - 4:40PM
Location: LEWIS 01216 at Loop Campus
Section: 402
Class number: 16245
Meeting time: TuTh 1:30PM - 3:00PM
Location: LEWIS 01216 at Loop Campus
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Class number: 16246
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Location: ONLIN E0000 at Online Campus
Section: 421
Class number: 16247
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