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FILM 233: Cinema and Art (Formerly Dc 233)

This course will provide an overview of avant-garde film, video, animation and installation, and the relationship of these cinematic forms to Modern and Contemporary art. Students will be introduced to the major styles and themes of alternative and experimental moving image work from the past hundred years. Cinema & Art places emphasis on moving image work that is not usually included in a survey of mainstream cinema or film history. A major concern for the class is first-hand exposure to these original sources, and an examination of the relationship of these works to mainstream cinema and other types of popular culture. Topics covered in the class include the avant-garde and kitsch, Surrealism, experimental film, abstract animation, video art, camp, and video installation. In addition to lectures by visiting artists and viewing films, videos, and installation work, students will produce a short creative work in the style of their choice that responds to the work studied during the quarter. (FORMERLY DC 233)

Fall 2019-2020

Section: 401
Class number: 15911
Meeting time: MW 10:10AM - 11:40AM
Location: 14EAS LL105 at Loop Campus
Section: 402
Class number: 15912
Meeting time: MW 11:50AM - 1:20PM
Location: 14EAS LL105 at Loop Campus
Section: 410
Class number: 15913
Meeting time: -
Location: ONLIN E0000 at Online Campus