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HCI 558: Interaction Design and Analysis

Due to COVID-19, Spring in-class sections will be conducted online. Please contact your instructor for more information.

Design and analysis of interactive technologies with emphasis on complex interactions and repeated use. Analysis and selection of appropriate interaction styles including command entry, form completion, menu selection, direct manipulation, code-based automation, and intelligent speech-based interaction. Specifying interaction using flowcharts, wireframes and prototypes. Taxonomy of errors and common approaches for avoiding them. Practices for minimizing effects of multi-tasking and cognitive load. Analysis methods, such as application of the GOMS keystroke-level model, for informing design. Student projects include the design and analysis of interactive user interfaces for diverse contexts and uses.

Winter 2019-2020

Section: 801
Class number: 26139
Meeting time: W 5:45PM - 9:00PM
Location: LEWIS 01515 at Loop Campus
Section: 810
Class number: 26140
Meeting time: -
Location: ONLIN E0000 at Online Campus