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IS 335: Introduction to Organizational Modeling for Digital Transformation

An introduction to analysis and modeling of organizational goals, workflows, users and data for digital transformation enabled by information systems. The emphasis is placed on how an organization should respond to its business challenges with a strategy and transformational organizational workflows. Students will learn how to design workflows and metrics using Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) for different organizational and contextual factors. Process simulation software is used to evaluate workflow designs.

IS 215 is a prerequisite for this class.

Spring 2019-2020

Section: 901
Class number: 31011
Meeting time: M 5:45PM - 9:00PM
Location: LEWIS 01107 at Loop Campus
Section: 910
Class number: 31012
Meeting time: -
Location: ONLIN E0000 at Online Campus

Fall 2019-2020

Section: 701
Class number: 16641
Meeting time: Th 5:45PM - 9:00PM
Location: LEWIS 01508 at Loop Campus
Section: 710
Class number: 16642
Meeting time: -
Location: ONLIN E0000 at Online Campus