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POST 406: Editing Styles and Techniques (Formerly DC 422)

This course is designed for editors looking for innovative ways to tell stories, by exploring how editing techniques have been pushed by artists working in the margins. Cutting edge editing techniques are a co-opting of historical and experimental styles, repackaged and used in a narrative context. A series of practical exercises and a freeform final project using found footage allow editors to explore the array of editing techniques adopted from experimental work while discovering their personal style as editors and storytellers. Editors will consider how form affects content and will reinvent techniques in ways to surprise modern audiences. FILM 401 or FILM 410 is a prerequisite for this class.

Fall 2019-2020

Section: 701
Class number: 16052
Meeting time: W 5:45PM - 9:00PM
Location: CDM 00924 at Loop Campus