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SCWR 342: Feature Development (Formerly DC 309)

This course offers a practical approach to the screenwriter's role in the development of a feature film. Emphasis will be placed on obtaining a greater understanding of narrative conventions, script analysis and the film market. From agents to studio executives, we will examine the varying points of view that comprise the development process. Constructive analysis will be used to break down feature length produced screenplays and student work. The assignments and class discussions are designed to expose the inner workings of Hollywood and provide a framework for what it takes to succeed in the entertainment industry.

SCWR 100 or SCWR 101 is a prerequisite for this class.

Spring 2019-2020

Section: 901
Class number: 30222
Meeting time: Tu 5:45PM - 9:00PM
Location: 14EAS 00802 at Loop Campus

Winter 2019-2020

Section: 501
Class number: 25565
Meeting time: Th 1:30PM - 4:45PM
Location: CDM 00222 at Loop Campus

Fall 2019-2020

Section: 701
Class number: 16334
Meeting time: M 5:45PM - 9:00PM
Location: 14EAS 00211 at Loop Campus