Title: Application-Embedded Retrieval from Distributed Free-Text Collections
Published: February 1999
Authors: Vladimir A. Kulyukin
Abstract: The integration of query generation and user feedback continues to challenge information retrieval technologies. Relevance feedback, while useful to professionals, is frequently inappropriate for lay users, because the initial query generation is manual and the subsequent feedback solicitation is intrusive or inconsistent with many lay users' information needs. To provide lay users with an integration of automatic query generation and nonintrusive feedback solicitation, the concept of an application-embedded information retrieval system is developed. Such a system allows the application in which it is embedded to become part of an infrastructure of distributed information sources. Background samples of the application's usage are collected and used in retrievals from the sources. Feedback is never solicited explicitly, and is utilized only when volunteered. Retrieval is adjusted through background sampling, anydata indexing, and dual space feedback. The approach is illustrated with a system embedded in Gnu Emacs , the Free Software Foundation's text editor.
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