Title: A Framework For Mixed Initiative Agent­Based Contracting
Published: 1999
Authors: Bamshad Mobasher, John Collins, Maksim Tsvetovat, Corey Bilot, Rashmi Sundareswara, Tim Lee, Maria Gini
Abstract: We describe an approach to agent­based contracting that combines the advantages of automated negotiation and evaluation of alternatives, with the realities of human decision­making and authority. The MAGNET architecture for multi­agent automated contracting provides a secure market­based infrastructure for complex negotiation, including an extensible ontology layer that defines the terms of discourse for inter­agent communication. A generalized evaluation capability in the agent has the ability to either support human decision­making, or to operate autonomously. We review the background from economics that leads us to the conclusion that for many realistic domains, such a mixed­initiative decision­making approach is preferable to a fully­automated one. 
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