Title: A Duality Theory for Bilattices
Published: 1999
Authors: Bamshad Mobasher, D. Pigozzi, G. Slutzki and G. Voutsadakis
Abstract: Recent studies of the algebraic properties of bilattices have provided insight into their internal structures, and have led to practical results, especially in reducing the computational complexity of bilattice­based multi­valued logic programs. In this paper the representation theorem for interlaced bilattices with negation found in [16] is extended to arbitrary interlaced bilattices without negation. A natural equivalence is then established between the category of interlaced bilattices and the cartesian square of the category of bounded lattices. As a consequence a dual natural equivalence is obtained between the category of distributive bilattices and the coproduct of the category of bounded Priestley spaces with itself. Some applications of these equivalences are given. The subdirectly irreducible interlaced bilattices are characterized in terms of subdirectly irreducible lattices. A known characterization of the join­irreducible elements of the "knowledge" lattice of an interlaced bilattice is used to establish a natural equivalence between the category of finite, distributive bilattices and the category of posets of the form P \Phi ? Q: 
Full Paper: [postscript]