Title: Efficient All-to-All Broadcast Schemes in Distributed-memory Parallel Computer
Published: January 2002
Authors: Eunseuk Oh, Iyad A. Kanj
Abstract: Distributed-memory parallel computers refers to parallel computers in which each processor has its own private memory. In such a system, processors communicate by message passing via inter-connected network. One of important method to share distributed data is broadcasting. All-to-all broadcasting is the process that each processor broadcasts its distinct message to all other processors and receives different messages from all other processors. We investigate two all-to-all communication costs: time and message to measure the performance on the considered distributed-memory parallel model. We develop efficient communication scheme to reduce not only the communication times but also the minimal number of messages under the model with the half-duplex and full-duplex communication capability. The measurement is compared with the known bounds to verify the efficiency of the suggested scheme.
Full Paper: [postscript]