Title: A Light-Weight Encrypting For Real Time Video Transmission
Published: August 2004
Authors: Salah Aly
Abstract: In the digital world nowadays, multimedia security is becoming more and more important with the continuous increase in the use of digital communications on the Internet. In addition, special and reliable security in storage and transmission of digital images and videos is needed in many digital applications, such as pay-TV, con dential video conferencing and medical imaging systems, etc. Unfortunately, the classical techniques for data security are not appropriate for the current multimedia usage. As a result, we need to develop new security protocols or adapt the available security protocols to be applicable for securing the multimedia applications. Generally speaking, the well-developed modern cryptography should be the perfect solution for this task. In this paper, we show that AES algorithm can be used for securing real time video transmission with little processing overhead over the Internet. We support our study with exhaustive comparison between AES and XOR encryption algorithms with normal transmission.
Full Paper: [pdf]