Title: Applications and Performance Analysis of Bridging with L3 Forwarding on Wireless LANs
Published: November 2004
Authors: Chibiao Liu, James Yu
Abstract: This paper presents an in-depth study of applying the bridging technology with layer-3 forwarding (L3F) in Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN). It is a unique feature in Windows XP, and supports the Internet sharing of multiple workstations with a single wireless interface. We perform detailed analysis of the 802.11 protocol and discuss why L3F works over WLAN while the traditional layer-2 forwarding (L2F) does not work in this configuration. We also present the advantages of L3F over IP routing on WLAN. This paper also includes a thorough performance analysis using a high capability traffic generator and analyzer. Our results, as measured by throughput and latency, show that the L3F performance is comparable to L2F and significantly better than IP routing.
Full Paper: [pdf]