Title: Fair Admission Control to Achieve Guaranteed Bandwidth Allocation
Published: February 2005
Authors: Yonghe Yan
Abstract: In this paper, we present a theoretic framework for admission controls and bandwidth allocations at network links to achieve guaranteed bandwidth allocations, which guarantee to allocate admitted flows data rates that are above their required minimum bandwidths. The admission control and bandwidth allocation are devised from the optimal solution of maximizing aggregate social welfare of the network. We define a utility function to capture network user’s demand for guaranteed bandwidth requirements with a price charged by a network service provider at the edge of the network. A fairness criterion is introduced for network links to allocate bandwidths. We first consider global admission conditions, which are deduced from the social welfare maximization problem, and then present distributed admission conditions, which can be used by each network link to make admission decisions locally. The bandwidth allocation resulted from the distributed admission conditions is asymptotically optimal with respect to the bandwidth allocation resulted from the global admission conditions. We show that the admission control framework can provide guidance for network service providers to charge users that require guaranteed bandwidths for data transmissions.
Full Paper: [pdf]