Title: A Batch Import Module for an Empirically Derived Mass Spectral Database
Published: March 2006
Authors: Jennifer Van Puymbrouck, David S. Angulo, Kevin Drew, Lee Ann Hollenbeck, Dominic Battre, Alex Schilling, David Jabon, Gregor von Laszewski
Abstract: Proteomic researchers who study mass spectrometry data have expressed a need for an accurate public database of empirically derived curated mass spectrum information. Lack of such a database limits proteomic researchers in their ability to identify and study proteins. Until recently, storage space and computing power has been the limiting factor in developing tools to handle the vast amount of mass spectrometry information. Now, the resources are available to store, organize, and analyze mass spectrometry information. The Illinois Bio-Grid Mass Spectrometry Database is a database of empirically derived tandem mass spectra of peptides created to provide researchers with an organized and searchable database of curated spectrum information to allow more accurate protein identification. This paper will discuss the methods used to import the mass spectra into the Illinois Bio-Grid Mass Spectrometry Database, as well as the database requirements, motivation, use cases, design, and results.
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